With winter practically here, it’s time to start bundling up inside the comfort of your home.

While many people dread the coming of the cooler months, there are many wonderful ways to make your home cozier.

Winter is great for spending time with the family and enjoying the holiday festivities.

However, winter is also a great time to invest in items that’ll make your home cozier and more comfortable to live in!

5 Home DIY Projects To Warm Up This Winter

Let’s take a look at the best items that will make your home cozier this year.

1. Carpet or Rug

What better way to improve the comfort of your home while also protecting your beautiful floors from the effects of daily life, than investing in a large carpet or rug?

Placed in the middle of your living space or underneath a kitchen table, carpet can help to keep your feet warm and floors well protected.

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2. Seasonal Décor

Nothing quite gets us into the holiday spirit like seasonal décor! Not only can seasonal décor help to brighten up your home and add a bit of flare, but it can help you ease into the holiday season.

Try adding a wreath to your front door, accenting shelves with a candle, or setting a festive centerpiece to your kitchen table. Warm lights can be strung or placed above a fireplace, while plaid blankets and pillows keep you warm by the fire.

3. Smart Thermostat

Keep your home warm and comfortable with the addition of a smart thermostat. Monitor the temperature of your home and enjoy reasonable energy bills with this DIY project.

4. Blankets

Another way to improve the comfort of your home throughout the winter season is with the addition of extra blankets. A heavy blanket or two on the beds is sure to make your home cozier when it’s frigid outside. If you want to go the extra mile, try to invest in a heated blanket.

As we mentioned earlier, try adding seasonal pillows and blankets to your couches, beds, and chairs. Not only will you and your guests be able to curl up and warm chilly toes, but it will also act as a piece of seasonal décor.

5. Fireplaces for Warmth and Atmosphere

If you want to give your living room a cozier feel, you can’t go wrong with a fireplace. Besides improving the look of a room, a fireplace helps you save on energy too.

With modern technology, fireplaces don’t just use wood as fuel anymore. If you want a more modern fireplace, you can opt for a propane fireplace or even an electric one.

That way, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up your fireplace after using it. Fireplaces come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so don’t worry about finding the right one for your home.

Whether you choose a full-fledged wood fireplace or a small wood stove, you’ll definitely stay warm throughout the winter months!

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Fireplaces in West Virginia and Pennsylvania

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