With everyone spending way more time at home than ever possibly imagined, making sure your home is a place you enjoy being is now a top priority for many households across America.

But home remodeling doesn’t have to be a huge investment. There are plenty of projects you can take on this year that won’t break the bank and will ensure your home is a more pleasant space to help accommodate more actual living at home!

In this article, we take a closer look at some of the best and most affordable home remodeling ideas and trends in 2023.

The Top Home Remodel Trends in 2023

So, let’s jump right into our top four home remodeling trends for 2023:

  1. Kitchens
  2. Fireplaces
  3. Baths
  4. Backyards

Make a commitment to making your home a fun place to be this year by jumping into one of these upgrades:


We’re expecting either full-on renovations or simple upgrades to appliances and spaces this year. Whether you brighten up the space with more cabinetry, or go full-on and create a large multi-purpose kitchen island that can be a prep station, workspace, or quick dining/drinks spot with modern bar stools, the kitchen is the place to be this year.

Our favorite trends for kitchen upgrades and renovations this year include:

  • Quality quartz countertops
  • Contrast with dark countertops and light cabinetry
  • Wall-to-wall cabinetry for ample storage and use of space
  • Energy-efficient upgrades, such as new windows, lights, and temperature controls
  • Reclaimed wood accents, tables, and butcher block island countertops
  • One-piece backsplashes in materials like marble for a clean and seamless look
  • Antique décor, plants, and accent pieces sourced locally


An easy way to make a living space instantly cozy and comfortable is to add an electric fireplace. If your home has the capacity for a wood-burning fireplace, upgrade yours to a functional wood burner.

Whatever your budget, there are fireplaces that fit even the strictest remodeling cash allowances, so this is definitely within your range this year.

Working by the fireplace or simply enjoying a change of pace by plopping down to read a book after a long day is an easily affordable luxury this year. Whether you’re enjoying this activity on a late summer evening or staying inside on a cold winter weekend, fireplaces are sure to bring joy to your home.


There’s nothing better after a long day than a nice soak. Escape your responsibilities for a little while and transport yourself to an instant state of relaxation by upgrading your bathroom this year. Simple changes can go a long way here, and your sore shoulders will definitely thank you for this investment.

Some of our top bathroom remodel and upgrade trends this year include:

  • The contrast between dark accents and light features
  • Backlit illumination to highlight mirrors, cabinetry, and other features
  • Full marble walls for a clean and seamless look
  • Asymmetrical tubs provide a focal point and deep soak
  • Pops of color and patterns


What better way to enjoy your time at home, than with your dream backyard? Relax at the end of a long day, reconnect with loved ones or entertain family and friends alike – all within the comfort of your backyard living space.

Here is what we are expecting to see from backyards in 2022:

  • Relaxing outdoor getaways with a hot tub
  • Outdoor exercise and entertainment with a swim spa
  • Comfortable lounge areas with quality patio furniture and built-in fire pits
  • The improved atmosphere with a water or fire feature
  • An improved approach to cooking and dining with an outdoor kitchen
  • Pops of color and added character with tall planters
  • Added safety and ambiance with outdoor illumination

Home Remodel Solutions with Koval Building Supply

Spending more time at home? Now is the perfect time to make your home as comfortable and cozy as possible through a backyard, kitchen, fireplace, or bathroom remodel.

With affordable options in each category, Koval Building Supply has got you covered.

If you want to know more about any of these home remodeling options, visit our website or send us a quick message and one of our expert remodelers will be happy to answer your questions!

Simple upgrades to these living spaces can go a long way toward improving your comfort and providing an enjoyable home space that allows you to thrive!