One of the first things people notice in a house is the kitchen and with good reason. Kitchens are the gathering space for families across the country, bringing people together at the end of each day.

Whether you enjoy exploring up-and-coming kitchen trends or have been looking for modern kitchen design ideas to inspire your upcoming remodel, you’ve come to the right place.

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting challenge that can give the interior of your home an impressive facelift that leaves people in awe. With so many styles and the constant rotation of trends, finding one you can love for years can be difficult.

That’s where we come in.

In this article, we’ll be exploring modern kitchen design trends that have elevated kitchens throughout 2023 that are sure to get you excited about cooking again!

Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

Finding the right design for your kitchen can be difficult, and with trends constantly going in and out, it’s important that you choose one that you know you’ll be enjoying years down the line.

Remodeling your kitchen can be expensive, and choosing design ideas you feel are timeless, and can be confident you’ll love ten years down the road, is essential in saving you money.

Before deciding on any trending design ideas you want to implement in your kitchen, it’s important to consider a few things:

  1. Budget
  2. Aesthetic
  3. Functionality Needs
  4. Lifestyle

Your budget will be a major factor in your design process and will determine the materials you can afford, how in-depth your kitchen remodel can be, and what design elements you can include.

Your aesthetic will help you decide what you want people to experience when they walk into your kitchen. If you love clean, bright spaces, a white kitchen with pops of color may be something to consider. However, if you prefer a more natural experience, a wood-topped island and moody gray cabinetry might fit your style best.

Your kitchen should be as functional as it is beautiful. After all, you’ll be using it a lot! Your appliances should fit the flow of your kitchen and make cooking easy.

Your lifestyle will heavily influence what aspects of your kitchen you want to focus on. For example, if you enjoy hosting and throwing exciting dinner parties, you’ll need ample seating and space for a large table.

However, if you enjoy quiet evenings at home with your loved ones, you might prefer a larger island to maximize prep space with bar seating to eliminate the need for a full table.

Ultimately, the kitchen design ideas that speak to you should easily meet your needs and create a space you can’t wait to enjoy.

11 Popular Kitchen Design Ideas in 2023

The kitchen designs that have been making bold impacts this year are substantial, with color designs coming back in style and many people searching to liven up their space.

Whether you’re considering open shelving or green walls, modern kitchens have done it!

With such a wide range of kitchen design ideas to choose from and not everyone having over-the-top budgets, your remodel might only be ready to incorporate small updates at a time.

To make it easy to find the trendy design elements to amp up your kitchen this year, we’re breaking this list up into smaller, more manageable sections.

Whether a paint job would make a substantial difference in your space or you’re planning a full remodel, you’ll find everything you need below.

Color is In

1. Green

Green has become a favorite addition to kitchens across the country, with many people falling in love with olive green cabinets or sage green accent walls.

Kitchens with green tones are often paired with natural countertops made of wood or stone, amplifying this outdoor aesthetic.

2. White

Over the last few years, bright white kitchens have dominated the industry. From elegant marble countertops to velvet cream walls, many people are opting for this ultra-clean aesthetic.

For many, the stark contrast of white counters with matte black or gold fixtures is highly desirable and has become a staple in new home designs.

3. Blue

Navy blue cabinets with brass fixtures or dark blue accent walls have become a popular trend, mostly due to the stark contrast it offers against white trim and countertops, giving a high-end appeal that pops.

Often, dark colors in kitchens are paired with plenty of natural light to offset the darkness and avoid the potentially dreary appearance these colors can bring.

4. Black

Moody kitchens have become more desired over the last few years, creating dark spaces with natural undertones that spark with sophistication.

These kitchens are typically paired with large windows aimed to reduce the intensity this color brings.

For a timeless appeal, pair black cabinetry with white countertops, adding contrast and depth to your kitchen. For something with more natural, earthy undertones, include thick wooden counters.

Functional Design Elements to Impress

5. Hidden Appliances

This is a big trend that’s been on the rise for the last few years. Many people are opting for wall panels or door designs that hide away the typical stainless steel appliances. Many people have embraced this design element due to the seamlessness it brings to their kitchen.

If you’re looking for a way to make your appliances blend in to give your kitchen a clean look, wall panels might be worth considering.

6. Exposed Shelving

This trend seemingly blew up overnight, elevating kitchen storage in a unique, bold way. This design element can turn your plates and bowls into art on your walls, making accessing them easier than ever.

A word of warning – these shelves make it easier for your dinnerware to collect dust and will need to be cleaned more often to maintain their chic look.

7. Workstation Sinks

With meal prep being such an integral part of many people’s weekly schedules, it’s no shock that these highly functional sinks have launched to the top of many kitchen renovation lists.

With deep basins and multiuse surfaces, these sinks maximize your kitchen counter space. With drop inserts that fit various kitchen necessities, like colanders, cutting boards, or wash stations, they provide a unique way to prep without the mess.

8. Working Pantries or Butler Pantries

If you’ve been dreaming of expanded storage space in your kitchen, a working pantry is something you’ll want to consider. These pantries are almost an extension of your kitchen, keeping all your kitchenware, food, and spices out of sight in a functional space.

It’s no shock people love this hidden storage space, especially when paired with a coffee bar or a large barn sink to make cleanup easy.

If you love hosting extravagant dinner parties but don’t want to step away from your guests to clean up after, this is a powerful addition. Working panties make it easy to keep your entertainment space clean and the dirty dinner dishes out of sight until your guests have left and you’re ready to clean.

Architectural Designs

9. Ample Windows

Over the last decade, people have been looking for ways to brighten up their kitchens and move away from the dark, cavelike styles that had once been so popular. One way people have achieved this is by adding larger windows to maximize the light streaming into their kitchens.

Trying to cook is tricky if your kitchen has poor lighting, and natural light is the most energy-efficient and appealing option on the market! Many people are choosing to install large bay windows in their kitchens or have multiple picture windows around the space to brighten up their kitchens with natural light.

10. Curves & Arches

Adding elegant curves into your kitchen space has become a popular trend that adds subtle elegance to any room.

Whether it’s arching entryways, cabinet displays, or window frames, this classic design element can help elevate your kitchen and give it a more gentle appearance. Some people have even begun adding curved edges to their islands, reducing the harsh corners and, instead, creating an understated, soft flow throughout their space.

11. Bold Patterns

From flooring to backsplashes, adding eye-catching patterns to your kitchen decor is on the rise.

Many people are searching for ways to make their space more unique and lively. To achieve this, people have begun opting to switch out their neutral floors with pattern tiles or updated hardwood designs that boast sharp angles that lead the eye down the room.

This is also common in your backsplash options. While many still enjoy the traditional subway tiles with their clean white appearance, others are beginning to shift towards natural stone tiles, bright colors, or uniquely shaped styles like hexagons.

Kitchen Renovations in West Virginia

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