J-19 PowerActive™


Seating Capacity: 4-5
Dimensions: 222" x 93" x 52.75"
Spa Volume: 9038 L / 2388 US gal
Filled Weight: 10412 kg / 22954.5 lbs
Dry Weight: 1374 kg / 3029 lbs
Useable Swim Area: 376 cm / 143.3"

Enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable approach to exercise. The J-19 PowerActive Jacuzzi® Swim Spa was designed with low-impact exercise and recreation in mind. The open-concept tank provides more than enough room for you to move around freely, perform a variety of exercises and even improve your cardiovascular health by walking, jogging or swimming against the high-powered jet found at the far end of the swim spa. If you’re looking to live an overall healthier lifestyle, engaging in regular water-based exercise within the means of your swim spa can be a fun and effective approach.

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