Fireplaces have long been a selling point for homebuyers and, today, are an often-requested addition to homes during renovations. The increasing versatility of fireplaces — direct-vent gas, wood-burning, pellet, or electric — means that finding the right fit for your needs and budget is easier than ever.

There are many reasons, both practical and aesthetic, why you should consider a fireplace for your home, which we are going to dig into in this article.

1. Efficient Energy

Gas fireplaces offer the option of “zoning” your heat. If you have gas fireplaces installed in your home, you can turn your central heating system down or off completely and turn on the gas fireplace in the room you are in. An efficient model can heat up to 1,000 square feet of living space at a lower cost than most alternatives.

A pellet stove can also be a great choice for saving energy. Models that are certified by the EPA are in the 70 percent to 83 percent efficiency range and are often cheaper to install than a traditional wood-burning heater. High-efficiency fireplace inserts, meanwhile, are a good choice for those who enjoy a traditional wood fire.

2. Increased Home Value

survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors revealed a fireplace as one of the most sought-after amenities on homebuyers’ lists. In fact, 40 percent of buyers said they would be willing to shell out more money for a home with a fireplace. Gas fireplaces had the highest demand, followed by wood-burning and electric. Overall, a fireplace can increase your home’s value by about 12 percent.

3. Offers Warmth in Power Outages

Winter storms often bring power outages that can leave you freezing until electricity is restored. If you have a fireplace, however, you can stay snug and warm while waiting for the power to come back on. Neither gas nor wood fireplaces are impacted by the loss of electricity, making them the best choice for areas prone to outages.

4. Ambiance

There is nothing quite like a dancing, bright orange flame for adding a cozy atmosphere to a room. No matter what your personal decorating style is, a fireplace can take your living room, kitchen, or bedroom from average to spectacular. And with models available in a variety of styles — from traditional to modern, to something in between — finding the right fit for your home is a simple matter of shopping with the right retailer.

5. Offers Comfort and Romance

Lighting a fire in your fireplace brings an immediate sense of coziness — or romance — depending on your mood. Fire is the perfect complement to a family movie night or to curling up on the sofa with a good book. A night at home alone with your partner can go from average to romantic with the aid of firelight. Dim the lights and cuddle up with your significant other in front of the fireplace. It’s an instant atmosphere from the comfort of home.

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