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Warmth Has Never Looked So Good

Cozening up next to a fireplace during the winter months, or just about any time of the year, is relaxing. From electric to wood burning to everything in-between, we carry a large selection of indoor and outdoor fireplaces. You’ll be able to create a new, jovial atmosphere with any of our fireplaces.

We carry some of the best fireplace brands on the market, including Heat & Glo, Quadra-Fire, and Vermont Castings. All of these brands are known for quality, reliability, and affordability. There will be no need to worry about budget. We have fireplaces for sale that can fit even the strictest remodeling budget.

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Benefits of Having a Fireplace

Having a fireplace has many benefits besides staying warm in the winter. Fireplaces are great accent pieces for any home. Larger fireplaces can even be centerpieces and add flair to a drab room. Whether you go with electric, gas, or wood, you’ll be happy you chose to install a fireplace in your home.

Spend More Time with the Family

Another benefit of installing a fireplace in your home is you’ll get to see your family more often. A living room fireplace is a great gathering point at the end of the day. While you warm up next to the fire, you’ll be able to hear about your loved one’s day.

Fireplaces Can Save on Energy

If you’re fiscally minded, a fireplace is a great way to reduce your heating bill during colder months. Fireplaces can save you money because they provide heat in a localized area. HVAC systems make your energy bill higher because they heat rooms you may not even use. A fireplace, on the other hand, allows you to stay toasty by only heating the room you’re in.

No Need to Worry About Power Outages

If you choose a wood or gas fireplace, you’ll never need to worry about being caught in the cold again. Power outages can take you by surprise, but with the right fireplace, you can be prepared for any situation. Like wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces are a great source of light when you don’t have electricity.

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Create a Romantic Environment

Besides a number of practical reasons, a lit fireplace can add ambiance to a room like nothing else. Enjoy relaxing next to a fireplace after a long day, and you’ll see what we mean. Fireplaces are a great way to get close to the ones you love.

Increase the Value of Your Home

If you’re looking for a way to increase the value of your home, you may have thought about installing a pool. However, people looking to buy a home often want a fireplace because of all the practical benefits. Most people looking for a new home prefer electric fireplaces because of their safety. However, even a wood fireplace can give your home increased value.

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Comfort and Safety

When thinking about a fireplace, you may think about open flames inside your home. However, newer models of electric and gas fireplaces come with built in safety features. You’ll never need to worry about your home or family with a modern fireplace.


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