Online shopping can be a huge convenience for a lot of different products and services.

But sometimes, a good old-fashioned visit to the store is the best way to ensure that you are buying the right product for you.

This is especially true when it comes to flooring. If you’re looking at redoing your floors, keep reading to learn why it’s always better to buy flooring in-person versus online!

1. You Can See Flooring Materials

Do you ever order something online only to receive a product that looks completely different from what was advertised?

When purchasing flooring online, it can be next to impossible to confirm the exact shade or color, which can leave you stuck with an unsuitable or even unusable product.

It can also be difficult to assess the quality of flooring from online images and descriptions. For example, a certain flooring might boast to be made of “super hardwood,” but in reality, it still might show dents and scratches from everyday use after only a year.

2. You Can Take Home Flooring Samples

The sheer number of flooring materials, colors, and textures can make it difficult to narrow down the best options for your home or space if you’re selecting flooring from a website.

Flooring samples help give you a better idea of how the product will look. This is because you can compare them to your décor to determine the best fit. You can also consult our in-store experts to get help with choosing samples that will best suit your needs.

3. Online Flooring Purchases May Void Warranties

Many reputable flooring manufacturers employ authorized dealers to sell their products to ensure that customers receive the best quality and service.

For example, Provenza® Flooring, an industry leader in high-quality flooring products, voids manufacturer warranties for online purchases due to the number of issues that can arise from buying flooring on the Internet.

4. You Can Get Personalized Help from the Experts

For most buyers, finding the right flooring solution to suit your needs can be a struggle. Especially if you aren’t sure which direction you’d like to go.

Our flooring experts at Koval Building Supply will take the time to determine your exact needs. They provide you with samples that will perfectly complement both your décor and lifestyle.

5. Service After Sale Delivers Better Results

Perhaps the most crucial benefit to purchasing flooring in-person revolves around the installation. Koval goes above and beyond in this respect by offering “service after sale” to work closely with your contractors.

This ensures that we deliver only the best results.

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