Aquatic exercise is a very popular way of working out. It’s easy on your joints, low impact, and provides all the same benefits of a traditional aerobic workout in the convenience of a pool. Even swimming is a great way to improve your overall health and fitness. 

However, not everybody has a pool, and even more so, not everybody has the space or resources to put a pool in their backyard. Fortunately, there is a solution that checks all the boxes – the swim spa! Easy to install, more affordable, less hassle, and all the benefits of a swimming pool and hot tub combined into one. It’s your easy solution to achieving your health and fitness goals right at home. 

Swim Spa Features:

Functioning as a versatile “year-round” pool, a swim spa allows you to tap into the natural soothing and strengthening properties of water throughout the entire year. The swim spa technology provides a steady current of water, providing you a resistance to swim against in place – who needs an entire swimming pool! 

Additionally, the buoyant nature of the swim spa’s water lessens the impact on your joints, providing increased protection against injuries and deterioration. This makes swim spas particularly beneficial to older individuals dealing with stiffness and discomfort in their joints. Plus, you can recover and unwind from your workout with a relaxing hydromassage 

Swim Spa Exercises:

Our Jacuzzi® swim spas come with a variety of features & accessories aimed at enhancing your fitness and health goals. With these accessories, or even just with your swim spa alone, you can accomplish a variety of exercises to send your at-home fitness to the next level.

woman doing aqua fitness in swim spa

Leg Raises

Develop lower leg strength by standing at the edge of your swim spa with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slow raise up on your toes, and then back down ten times. Rest and repeat for a few sets.


The most standard of all swim spa exercises may be the very best. Swimming offers unmatched aerobic exercise, along with the opportunity to build muscle. And with the ability to adjust the current on your swim spa, you can choose how casual or intense your exercise is.

woman sitting in a corner and man swimming in jacuzzi swim spa

Upper-Body Twists

Work out your core by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, crossing your arms over your chest in an X shape. Slowly twist your torso left and right for around 40 repetitions. Rest and repeat for another two sets.

Jog In Place

You can also use the swim spa’s current to create resistance while you jog in place. This is a great way to build up strength and endurance without too much impact on your joints.

woman exercising in swim spa


For an effective lower body workout, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart in your swim spa, and bend down as if you were sitting in a chair, with your arms raised and your knees behind your toes. Then, lift back up. Repeat this ten times, rest, and repeat for a few sets.

Swim Spas in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland

Whether you’re trying to get a good swim in, some low-impact resistance workouts, or some resistance training, a swim spa has something for everyone looking to enhance their health and fitness right at home. At Koval Building Supply, we provide the very best Jacuzzi® swim spas with all the features you need to get the fullest use and enjoyment out of your new health investment so give us a call if you’re interested in trying a swim spa out for yourself!