When it comes to relaxation, recreation, and aquatic exercise at home, the traditional swimming pool may come to mind for many people. But there’s another option that offers nearly all the same advantages, plus more than a few of its own: the swim spa. 

Swim spas take everything you love about a traditional swimming pool and combine it with the relaxing jets, heated water, and comfortable seating of a hot tub. With a swim spa, you can enjoy opportunities for low-impact exercise, soothing hydrotherapy, and quality time with friends and family all at once.

If you’re wondering whether a swim spa or pool is best for your home, take a closer look at the similarities and differences between them.

What Is a Swim Spa?

Swim spas are essentially a hybrid of a swimming pool and hot tub. They’re larger than hot tubs and smaller than pools, and they’re capable of creating their own current.

This means that you can swim in place, allowing for the same aquatic exercise you get from a full-sized pool. Swim spas can also come with seating, hydrotherapy jets, and other great features of a hot tub.

The Differences Between a Swim Spa and a Pool

Both swim spas and pools serve essentially the same purpose, but that doesn’t mean the swim spa and the swimming pool are exactly alike. Some of the major differences between the two include:

luxurious swim spa installed on a modern deck with a scenic view


Perhaps the most obvious difference between swim spas and pools is their size. While the most common inground pool size is 16 x 32 with an eight-foot-deep end, swim spas are significantly smaller. Most are about 8 feet wide with a depth of 3 ½ feet, and they come in a range of lengths, beginning at 12 feet and stretching to 20 feet and beyond. 

One of the best things about the swim spa is that you can swim in one just like you would in a swimming pool, thanks to their ability to create a controlled current. This feature can drastically reduce the need for a full-sized swimming pool, and if you simply don’t have the space for a full-sized pool, it can be vital.

No matter your budget or lifestyle, there is a size of swim spa that can suit your needs.


The cost of both a swim spa and an inground swimming pool can vary widely, but it’s almost always the case that a swim spa will cost you less money. This is because the installation process of an inground swimming pool can require extensive planning, weeks of labor, and various raw materials. 

On the other hand, swim spas are self-contained units that do not require nearly as much for installation. Additionally, if you are a fan of the sleek, seamless look of a pool that’s flush with the ground, you will find that certain swim spas can be installed in the same way. 

Due to the smaller size, the installation of an inground swim spa is unlikely to cost as much as an inground pool would. 


While it’s important to keep in mind that installing an inground pool is generally more expensive than installing a swim spa, there are other key factors to consider when it comes to installation. 

For instance, the process is fairly time-consuming for both you and the installers. An inground pool can take 8 to 12 weeks to be built on average. A swim spa, however, can be ready to go in under a day. 

refreshing blue swim spa with crystal clear water and a waterfall feature

There are also certain regulations and codes you’ll need to meet when installing a swimming pool, and there may be underground obstructions that prevent you from placing yours where you’d like to. You’ll need to make sure your swim spa is compliant with local code as well, but that’s typically an easier task than it is with a swimming pool.


To enjoy the luxury of a swim spa or swimming pool, you’ll need to do some regular maintenance. Both options require some work on your end, but because a swim spa is smaller and comes with its own filtration and water management systems, the work required of you is less. 

This also means that you can potentially save money on your ongoing swim spa maintenance

Interested in a Swim Spa for Your Home?

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