As the warmer weather approaches, we all get the urge to do some spring cleaning.

As you make your to-do list, don’t forget to about your hot tub installation. It will definitely be due for a little TLC after the long months of winter.

If you want your spa to be spotless for spring, follow our step-by-step spring cleaning guide. We guarantee your hot tub installation will be sparkling in no time.

1. Clean Your Spa Cover & Hot Tub Installation

Although your cover should be cleaned every month, it can be a difficult job to tackle in the winter. So, if you haven’t cleaned your cover since fall, it will likely be a bit grungy.

Take the cover off of your spa and wipe it down with a damp rag to remove the worst of the grime. Next, spread a good, non-abrasive cover cleaner across the cover’s surface. It’s important to use an actual hot tub cover cleaning product rather than household cleaners, bleach, or alcohol-based products, which can harm the cover’s material. Allow the cleaner to sit on the cover’s surface for a few minutes before wiping it clean with warm water.

Once your cover is clean, check it for damage, such as tiny tears in the vinyl. If you do find a rip or dig in its surface, you can patch it with a vinyl repair kit.

If you don’t use a cover cap to protect your cover from the sun’s rays, you may want to consider applying a UV protector. A vinyl protectant or conditioner will not only help to keep the vinyl supple and free of cracks, but it will also offer UV ray protection too.

2. Replace or Clean The Hot Tub Filter

While it’s important to clean your filter each week with a quick spray from the hose, eventually, your filter needs to be replaced. Spring is the perfect time to do that. If your filter is still fairly new, however, it will need a good cleaning.

Use a filter flosser to remove debris and spray with a hose between each fold of the filter. Give the filter housing a scrub and spray as well. Some filters also require a soak in a bucket of water with some filter cleaner. Check your manual to determine if this step is necessary.

3. Drain and Clean Your Hot Tub

Your hot tub water should be drained three to four times each year to keep it and your spa clean. Make sure your hot tub installation is powered off before beginning the process.

You can drain the tub through the valve on the bottom of your spa. If it’s not connected to a drainpipe, a hose can be used to drain the water. If you have a submersible pump on hand, that is a great option as well.

Once drained, wipe down the inside of your hot tub installation using a damp cloth and use a non-foaming cleaner to give the shell a gentle wipe. It’s important to use a hot tub cleaner rather than a household cleaning product to avoid damage of any kind to your spa.  Finally, rinse the tub thoroughly to remove the cleaner.

4. Refill Spa and Balance Water

Close the bottom drain valve of the spa and run the system briefly so any debris stuck in the pipes is pushed out. Refill your tub and test the water, adjusting the levels with your spa chemicals as needed.

Giving your spa a thorough cleaning at least three times each year will help keep it running efficiently, allowing you to enjoy it for many years to come.

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