Does your bathroom smell a little musty?

The cause could be related to a number of reasons why your bathroom smells a little funky.

The cause can range from kids and pets to not having enough time for a thorough cleaning or having ineffective circulation and ventilation, but it is important to understand that you should address the problem sooner rather than later.

What Is Causing The Musty Bathroom Smell?

The musty bathroom smell could be nothing, or it could be something. You should work hard to identify the smell as soon as possible so that the problem can be resolved, and you can go back to enjoying your beautiful bathroom in peace.

The first thing you should do is give your bathroom a good scrub. Be sure to take out the trash, remove all soiled curtains or towels, and clean the toilet, shower, bathtub, and floors really, really well.

If the bathroom carries a rather constant scent of mustiness that doesn’t seem to go away, then you might have mold or mildew growing somewhere.

In this case, you may need a more powerful cleaning agent to resolve the problem, or it may be time to renovate certain aspects of your bathroom. It all depends on the kind of mold and how far along the issue is.

Safeguarding Your Bathroom – 3 Best Ways

Mildew finds damp, warm places the perfect environment in which to thrive. It can be hazardous to your health, and people who are sensitive to mold or mildew may notice certain symptoms, such as headaches, nosebleeds, and nausea.

Often, it will grow behind picture frames and on wet towels. If left unchecked, it can become moldy and creep into the drywall, which may cause extreme structural damage in the future.

It can be quite easy to protect your bathroom from fungal growth with a few basic preventive measures.

1. Use Proper Ventilation

Having a fan installed in your bathroom can help to siphon the moisture that can accumulate after a shower or bath out of the room – before it can become a problem.

Make sure to check that your bathroom vent is in good condition at least every six months. You may also want to open a door or window prior to running a bath or turning on the shower, allowing some cool and fresh air in for added circulation.

2. Employ Desiccants

Many of us are familiar with the tiny sacks of silica that we can find at the bottom of a bag of sealed food such as beef jerky. The same concept of freshness can apply to your bathroom.

If you use silica beads or even some pleasantly scented cat litter in a small container behind your toilet, you can absorb excess humidity, which can stop mildew before it forms at its likely source.

Consider placing a fern in the bathroom. Plants are naturally good at pulling moisture out of the air and can be an attractive method of keeping your bathroom smelling clean.

3. Remove Excess Water Manually

At the end of your shower, try using a squeegee to remove the excess water from your tile. Mildew prevention can be as simple as picking up wet towels from the floor and hanging them up.

If the mold gets out of control, it is possible that you may need a complete bathroom to remodel, depending on the amount of damage.

If mold is caught early enough, however, it doesn’t have to affect your bathroom design at all.

You may find some of the only repairs you need are caulking or bleaching your grout to restore your bathroom to its former glory.

Bathrooms Remodeling in Morgantown

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